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Recover, Repair, Restore, Retrieve, Refresh and Redesign!

Missing data

Tech Support recovers files

Always make two copies of your important personal files. But if you didn't, call Tech Support. Many times we can recover erased or damaged files, even if your hard drive has failed and the computer won't boot.

Hardware failures/improvements

Tech Support repairs computers too

We haven't figured out how to make a computer last forever, but we can certainly extend the life of it. We'll give you cost effective repair options wherever possible. Or if you just need to spiff things up a bit, we'll tell you what can be done with your machine. We can also replace phone, tablet and laptop screens.

Programs don't work

Tech Support restores software

Software will get sidetracked from time to time. At Tech Support if it goes beyond reinstalling a program and slows things down, we can straighten it out and speed things up. We reinstall operating systems if the problems are too extreme.

Backup storage

Tech Support retrieves data copies

We are working on a backup program where we save copies of your data on our own local servers. We'll let you know when we start this service. You can either bring in copies or if you prefer we will automatically connect online. No need to blindly trust the cloud.

Slow speed

Tech Support will refresh it

After a little while your computer can get bogged down with startup programs (they sit in your RAM or memory and take up space) or other glitches. We'll brush out the cobwebs (so to speak) and allow it to use all the oomph its got.

New websites

Tech Support designs sites that sell

If you have a hobby or small business and would like more than a canned Wordpress cut-and-paste site that doesn't really have any zing, we can zing it for you. We cut costs by using templates (like this one) customized with your pictures and text. Our marketing experience makes the difference between just talking or really getting your message across.

Tech Support Service

ex·tra·or·di·nar·y is every day

Good customer service takes more than pasting a mission statement on a wall somewhere. There's a lot of ingredients, but they all revolve around treating other people like you would want to be treated. Sometimes it's just answering a phone question without charging. Other times it's correcting a problem that was probably not even your fault without adding to the bill. Good customer service balances the needs of the client with good business practices. The best business principle is the one where you take care of the client and the bottom line takes care of itself. Tech Support of Grand Junction offers personal, quality services tailored to the needs of the client. We don't collect clients like souvenir coffee mugs. We're like the Jerry McGuire of computer shops - fewer clients, more personal attention. It's not all about the Benjamins; it's about integrity and values.

Happy clients:

ingredients of good service

Experience 101%
No geek speak 82%
Good advice 65%
Patience 50%
Remote help 50%

Forty Years

We Know Our Way Around Computers!

Experience counts. Talk to the same person every time. Knowing your equipment and your needs.
Thirty seconds with our grandkids pretty much says it all!

Bye Bye Big Box Geeks

Taking your personal computer to a big box store can be a trial. You never seem to talk to the same person twice, they don't really know you or your needs, and they don't explain what they did or why they did it. A few months or a year later when you need service again they have completely different people and no one knows you, your computer or your data. Every service is priced really high, and they never help with a few minutes of answering an easy question that might help avoid paying for those high-priced services. Big box stores are good for some things, but certainly not for personal computer service.

We've been involved with computers for over 40 years, but we started a business for it in 2011. We just kept running into people who couldn't seem to find a repair business that knew what they were doing and could speak in a way that was understandable. We've been told we have a great deal of patience for teaching so people can do some of the repair themselves too. That is why we say we put the person back in personal computing.

Tech Support in 30 seconds

Need some help? We can help!

Tech Support Tips and Free Info

We've got all sorts of tips on operating systems, internet, data storage, speed, tools, viruses and more. Our site is chock full of information to help you solve some of your technical difficulties yourself or avoid getting into trouble.

Internet Basics

Tips for browsing

We get a lot of questions on browsing, using a browser (like Chrome or Firefox), how to avoid bad web sites, how to make a button, and how to change a home page. In this section of our site we try to answer all those questions so that your internet experience is better.

Operating Systems

Making Windows Better

On this next page we give you some tips for using or making Windows better. Some little tidbits of information that we get asked all the time so we decided to put them up here for everyone to see. Linux users kind of have to be technical wizards to use it so they already know a bunch about their systems. There aren't many Apple users and are held mostly hostage to Apple software so we don't talk about them much.

The need for speed

Help on making things faster

If you want to know how to make your computer faster, or how to pick a new computer that will do the job for you, click on this section for advice. The basic idea for a computer is buy what you need. There are two approaches: buy cheap with the intent to upgrade in a year or two, or buy the most expensive you can afford and keep if for as long as you can.

Your Privacy

Simple Steps to Protect It

Just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you. Fakebook and their ilk know way more about you than you think, and they are coming for your brain. Learn how to starve them of your personal information and interrupt their money stream with some simple ideas anyone can implement.

Questions we hear a lot


We've got all sorts of questions listed on this page, from basic general information and definitions of terms to what the big companies won't tell you about hacking and the cloud.

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