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Windows 10 Help

We are advising all of our clients to avoid updating to Windows 10 for the moment. Wait about two or three months at least. There are a number of bugs that are causing problems for people. Hopefully these will be fixed soon.

Windows 10 Uninstall

If you've already gone ahead and tried to update to Windows 10 and run afoul of some of the bugs, there is still hope. If it has been less than a month, there will be an option under Start/Settings/Update and Security/Recovery. You should see an option to Go Back to Windows 7 or Go Back to Windows 8.1. Click on the Get Started button and tell Microsoft why you want to do this (sorry, there are no profanity laced selections for why you want to go back!).

If it's been over a month you will have to do a clean install of the previous Windows version. This will erase your hard drive, so you NEED TO BACKUP YOUR DATA FILES if you haven't already. If you don't have a Windows 7 or 8.1 disk you can find what's called an ISO file from the Microsoft Software Download site.

Additional do-it-yourself help is available from sites like How To Geek.

Windows 8 Help

If the new Windows 8 interface is driving you to distraction, Tech Support can help make things better. We can switch the tiles back to a Windows 7 or XP look and menu without reinstalling the operating system if you want. Just give us a call at 260-7122.


If you want to learn more about how to use the new interface, we can help with that too.

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What We Do at Tech Support of Grand Junction

Tech Support is a computer service business for large business networks or single-user home computers. We have about 55 combined years of experience covering just about all facets of computer repair, building, and using, for all three major operating systems - PC's, Macs, and Linux, and even some custom systems such as PC-driven golf simulators (pun intended). We also repair XBox 360 and Play Station 3.

We're kind of like the 'Jerry McGuire' of computer services. We like the idea of fewer clients and more personal attention to each. Instead of an anonymous, assembly line big box mentality we choose to treat people as we want to be treated. Big box stores do well buying stuff by the trainload and reselling it at discount prices. But we do not think computer services can be effectively provided the same way.

We install, repair, and enhance hardware; restore software; hunt and terminate viruses; recover data with lab work if needed; design or develop websites with marketing expertise; build computers; and consult or train. We've got concise and to the point Tips on how to use your computer better and more productively, from increasing the speed to do-it-yourself virus help. We've got Parts and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. In short, we're just like having your own personal tech support department. Like the big corporations. Except we put the "person" back in personal computer services.

We are open Sunday through Friday about 9:00 to 6:00, sometimes later or earlier depending on need. We are open most major government holidays. We work by appointment because we are in and out of the shop, and because this way we can give you 100% of our attention.

Personal Service at Tech Support

What good is an 800 number for computer service if you have to wait forever and can’t make the guy on the other end understand what you need? Do you ever feel like you need a translator for technical jargon? Tired of never talking to the same person twice? Big box stores that overcharge and don't always fix the problem have you down? Maybe you went to one of those shade-tree companies that made the problem worse than when they started and won't stand behind their work? Do you long for the days when you knew what you were getting when you asked for personal service?

Well, now there’s a ‘tech support’ department you can call on that puts the ‘person’ back in personal computer service. Real, personal, helpful, Tech Support is finally here. The old fashioned kind of help that you trust to solve the problem without charging through the roof for every little thing.

Nowadays it seems as if everybody and his brother has a computer repair business. Magnetic signs for the truck, a yellow pages ad, maybe a three-page web site and they're off and running. But how can you tell the shade tree technicians from the guy who really knows what he's doing? Just like 'big' doesn't mean better, small doesn't mean they know what they are doing either. How do you find a person you can trust, and who won't waste your time or money? Is there a way to tell the good ones from the bad, other than by offering up your computer as a sacrifice to the gods of chance?

We think there is. Just test the technician before you entrust your valuable equipment to them. There are several tests you can perform on the technician before he starts testing your machine. For one, does he or she offer options, or does he have only one solution for every problem? Does he try to sell you something you don't think you need? Is she patient with your questions, especially questions of competence? Is he honest about what he doesn't know? Does she have a wide range of experience spanning generations of computers, or just know how to swap circuit boards? Does their experience come from playing video games or watching movies? Can she fix the difficult problems, or just the easy ones? Can they offer state-of-the-art Laboratory services for repair of laptops and data recovery from toasted hard drives?

Do they shuffle you in and out the door with little explanation and high prices? Can you talk to the same person two times in a row? Will he or she take the big risk and tell you what you need to hear? Or will they tell you they can perform miracles for free with an old machine, which ends up costing you more in the long run?

Tech Support of Grand Junction gives you options and explanation if you need it, and sells only what you need. We work to keep the expenses to a minimum, and honestly tell you what is the most cost-effective and practical way to go. If you can do it yourself we'll even give you some advice. There are few things we don't know, but we don't charge you for head-scratching time. Feel free to ask any questions you like, especially about our combined many decades in computers. Our experience includes knowing how computers work from the inside out, so there isn't much scratching the head here.

Larger companies can afford to have in-house computer repair people at their beck and call. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your own tech support department? Well, here we are.

Tech Support of Grand Junction - thinking outside of the big box

Some big box stores advertise that they repair computers, and use roughly the same tag line as above. But how can they be personal when you don't ever see the same person twice? If a technician really knew what they were doing on computers, would they be working in a big box store as a clerk, or as a technician in a computer service business or a large company? We can answer that for you - obviously if someone knows their stuff they would try to find the best job possible, or make their own job. 

It sounds weird to say the people at Tech Support answer the phone, or that you can talk to the same person two or three times in a row. But that's the state of most modern service businesses. Many people have intimate relationships with phone answering machines. Or a person who's thousands of miles away. We drop our computers off with one person, and pick them up from another, while yet a third or fourth does the work. If we have work done again, it's a completely different staff. They don't know who we are or even our name. These are the people we entrust with our data, and our expensive machine. These are the people we have to believe when it comes to what's wrong and what it's gonna cost me to fix. Tech Support is a family run business with literally decades of personal computer experience. We know exactly what it's like to try and get service from people who barely know how to spell the word, let alone deliver it. That's why we offer a better, more personal service.

Maybe we're doing this all wrong. Maybe we should have one of those self-service lines at the local big box store with a computer that tells you how to fix your computer. "Thank you. That'll be $300.00. Have a nice day, and thank you for shopping Big Box Anonymous."


A song about other 'tech support' services

There is actually a song about the trials and tribulations of getting computer service from other people. For some light-hearted amusement, comedian Tim Hawkins ( sings about troubleshooting computers. Check out his other videos, especially 'The Government Can.'

But before you "troubleshoot" the computer yourself, bring it to the experts at Tech Support of Grand Junction!

Helping you use your computer more efficiently

Tech Support of Grand Junction doesn't just fix computers. We help you use them more efficiently. One of the best ways to do this is to use multiple monitors. You might think (as we did at one time) that having extra monitors just meant more of the same pictures. But that isn't the whole deal. Having three monitors, for instance, can boost productivity (even over two monitors) by 30% or more. For businesses that's a lot of efficiency. Even for home use an extra monitor or two can come in quite handy if you use the computer very much at all for writing books or designing publications, or browsing the web.

Click HERE to find out more about multiple monitors from Tech Support of Grand Junction.

Advertisements on Tech Support's website

We're not big fans of advertisements. We even recommend using the Firefox web browser with an add-on called Ad Block Plus specifically to block them. However, there are some good products and services out there in web land and it's tough to find out about them unless they advertise. It's especially tough to tell the good ones apart from the bad ones sometimes. We have some ads on Tech Support, but only a few and only for those products and services that we think you'll find useful. Generally we've used them ourselves and know exactly how they work and whether they'll do the job for you.

If you buy from one of the companies we advertise here, we usually get some kind of commission. That doesn't mean we have the ads on here just for commissions, though. It just so happens that the products or services are good, worth recommending, AND we happen to be able to share in the rewards of spreading the word about them. But we won't ever put an ad on one of our sites just for the sake of a commission.

So if you see a product advertised here you'd like to buy, go ahead and click. You'll be glad you did.